Jered Bare

Cool Things You Can Do With NMAP

Disclaimer: This post is only for informational purposes. Use these scripts at your own risk and always ask for permission. Insert spiderman-great-power-great-responsibility-uncle-ben.jpg I haven't wrote anything in a while, but I want to write a short article on some cool things you can do with NMAP. NMAP is more than just a port scanner/discovery tool, you have a whole NSE scripting library full of useful scripts that can do hundreds of things. Personally, I love and use NMAP every day and I hope you will do the same. New to NMAP? Check out a few commands from my Cheat Sheet. Checkout read more »

My Recap of Sp4rkCon

TLDR; Amazing free conference. Amazing Speakers. Amazing Location. Myself and a couple of InfoSec Pros from the community were fortunate to attend a conference put on by Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas. Bentonville is five hours from where I live, but it was an easy decision to attend because Sp4rkCon had an All-Star lineup and cost $0. Hands down I was blown away by this conference. The talks, hospitality and the people I met were truly amazing. I hope that WalMart puts on another conference like this next year. Break down: Nir Valtman - Hacking Retail & Point of Sale (POS) Nir had a scary, but amazing... read more »

Cracking passwords with phrasen|drescher on Ubuntu 16.04

Disclaimer This content is used to be for information use only. I do not condone any illegal activities nor bear the responsibility that may arise from the use of this information. Use at your own risk. Nothing gets a Security Guy to drool more than to be asked to crack a password. Our security team was tasked with cracking the passphrase on a private key. My co-worker and I were looking for tools to choose from i.e. John the Ripper, Hydra, etc. and came across a relatively older tool (2007) called phrasen|drescher by Nico Leidecker. This tool relies on CPU computations rather than GPU... read more »


Obligatory first post.... read more »