My Recap of Sp4rkCon

TLDR; Amazing free conference. Amazing Speakers. Amazing Location.

Myself and a couple of InfoSec Pros from the community were fortunate to attend a conference put on by Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas. Bentonville is five hours from where I live, but it was an easy decision to attend because Sp4rkCon had an All-Star lineup and cost $0.

Hands down I was blown away by this conference. The talks, hospitality and the people I met were truly amazing. I hope that WalMart puts on another conference like this next year.

Break down:

Nir Valtman - Hacking Retail & Point of Sale (POS)

Nir had a scary, but amazing talk on the insecurity of POS systems. Biggest piece of advice I'm taking from his talk; never re-enter your PIN number.

Chad Rikansrud - Hacking Mainframes for CICS and Giggles

I absolutely love technical talks and Chad did not disappoint. Remember; a mainframe is still a computer and it's still vulnerable.

Johnny Long - InfoSec Community Development!

An amazing talk about charity and the hacker community. The work Johnny is doing in Uganda is outstanding.

Jackie Stokes - Threat Hunting

Jackie had a perfect talk on building a Threat Hunting team. I was super impressed by Jackie's presentation because she had a perfect mix of technical terms and team building insight.

Sean Metcalf - Red vs. Blue Active Directory

Kerberos, Powershell, Active Directory and admin rights. Nothing more makes me want to unplug all AD servers than this talk.

Trey Ford - People, Events, BlackHat

To be honest I was pulled away during the end of Trey's talk, but his presentation alone on the BlackHat review process was awesome. It's good to know he was part of the process.